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So after three days with the Boxee Box by D-link I am pretty impressed with it so far. It has played every .mkv, .avi and .iso I have thrown at it and is near silent. Alot of the backend setup is the same as XBMC since it is a fork, so if you have used XBMC before you should have no problems. The current issues I have are:

1. The home screen is biased towards online content. I would rather have my local library and RSS feeds on my home screen and there is no choice to change it.

2. There is no “Music” quick link on the main bar, you have to navigate to it via “Files” and no fetching of metadata and album art from the net.

3. IMDB is the only scraper for video metadata. Now this is fine for movies but absolutely crap for TV series eg: Sharpe is a TV series not a set of movies but IMDB list them as movies. Give me the option to use and as they are both far superior to IMDB.

4. Theme/Skinning options, I’m sorry but the default boxee theme is god awful. Give the community an option to create some themes.

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